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Dental Services for Everyone

We use digital technology to provide a complete dentistry experience and give you the smile you deserve. We offer many dental services and our staff takes great care to make you as comfortable as possible.

Preventative Care

Regular preventative care is the foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth.  We recommend a regular checkup twice a year where we will clean your teeth and discuss your oral hygiene.  We like to take x-rays once a year on all of our patients.

Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth becomes decayed, loses filling, or experiences some form of trauma a root canal may be necessary.  A root canal allows us to relieve the pain the patient is suffering from while will preserving the tooth.  Typically, a root canal treatment requires multiple appointments where we first remove the root canal system in the tooth and is finished when the final filling or crown has been placed.

Restorative Care

If your an active person or you’ve experienced some external trauma like an fall from height or a collision then your teeth probably have also suffered from the trauma.  If your tooth is broken or chipped we can use modern composite materials to repair your tooth and match the color and structure of your original tooth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

The quality of your dental hygiene isn’t just a medical condition it also affects your self esteem and confidence.  We perform cosmetic procedures that include tooth replacement, teeth whitening, dentures, implants, and many more.  Set up a consultation appointment today and we can discuss some options.


Orthodontic treatments have made a lot of progress over the years.  Using the different types of braces available we can treat underbites, overbites, crowding, and other types of alignment problems.  Whether it’s for children or adults we can work with you on a treatment plan that will enhance your smile and boost your self-esteem.

Oral Surgery

We use oral surgery to treat and diagnose injuries affecting the teeth, gums, and mouth.  This can include impacted teeth and tooth extraction just to name a few.  Many of these procedures can be performed using Novocain as a local anesthetic.  However some procedures will need a general anesthetic for the patient to relax while the procedure is performed.  All of these procedures are done as an outpatient treatment.


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