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Missing teeth can cause lack of self-confidence and security, making people to hide their smile. Missing teeth can quickly become contaminated with bacteria, causing other teeth to shift out of place and making it difficult for patients to properly speak or eat. Olson Family Dentistry understands how difficult it may be to live with a lost tooth. We offer dental implants so that our patients can reclaim their self-esteem, improve their health, and take on life with confidence.

Implant placement is a difficult process that demands us to replace their lost teeth in a natural and safe manner. We understand that there are a variety of dental providers to select from, so the staff at Olson Family Dentistry is always searching for ways to improve our patients’ overall experience. Our location is in Muscatine, and we provide patients with the option of restoring lost teeth in a natural and attractive manner.

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The Process of Installing Implants


If one or more of your teeth are missing, you may be eligible for dental implants to replace them permanently. Make an appointment with our Muscatine dentist office by calling (563) 263-8821. To see if the operation is right for you, we’ll evaluate your mouth and jawbone. Your gums must be healthy and your jawbone needs to be strong before we begin the surgery. Prior to the dental implant operation, we will need to address any cavities or signs of gum disease that we find.

Once you’ve been cleared for the surgery, the Olson Family Dentistry team will take an impression of your mouth so that a dental lab can build a new tooth for you. Each synthetic tooth will be the same size and form as the surrounding teeth, as well as the same color.

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