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Preventative Care

Preventive dental treatment is essential for maintaining the health of your teeth throughout your life, but it’s more than that. Oral health can have a positive impact on your overall health.

Preventive care services may include:


      • Regular oral exams, usually every 6 months
      • Teeth cleaning
      • Routine X-rays

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What is pediatric preventative care?

As soon as a child gets their first tooth, preventive dental care can begin.  Preventive dentistry for kids can help identify problems early on in your child’s life before dental problems become worse and often more costly.  Services typically include the following:

      • Encourage good dental practices, including brushing, flossing and eating behaviors that benefit dental health.
      • Cleanings and oral exams should be done on a regular basis, usually every six months.
      • Fluoride treatment (usually up to a certain age).
      • Sealants.
      • X-rays are taken on a regular basis to monitor the growth of the jaw and teeth.
      • Mouth guards.
      • Orthodontist referrals as needed.
      • Assisting in the identification of linked health conditions that may have an impact on a child’s oral health.

Are preventive dental services covered by all dental plans?

Many dental plans provide preventive dental care because it is a vital element of overall health. Look for information on diagnostic and preventative services coverage when picking a dental plan. Make sure you’re aware of the limitations and frequency of preventative care.  For example:


      • Teeth cleanings: You may only be covered for two cleanings per year, one every six months.
      • Fluoride treatments: Recommended for all ages.

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